Camp Group doing counseling work for the GIZ in Afghanistan

We are pleased to report that Camp Group is active now in yet another region of the world. Founder, Professor Dr Heather Cameron and Daniel Meehan from Camp Group are consultants in Kabul, Afghanistan for the German Association for International Cooperation (GIZ). They will conduct workshops regarding the effective use of sports in the primary school curriculum. Particularly, the inclusion of girls in PE classes is a main focus. In Afghanistan, boys and girls attend school separately, which gives girls the chance to work out and to move freely within the safe environment of sports at school, unlike the reality of everyday life in Afghanistan.
The GIZ’s special branch for sports and development is a partner of Camp Group in this project, as is the ministry of education in Kabul.
The next trip to the Middle East is due soon and this time, concrete sports and movement units in the form of ball instructive elements and concepts regarding playing and handling a ball will be the focus.
The main aim of Camp Group’s work in Kabul will be to strengthen the respective schools, help in developing up-to-date educational approaches and curricula as well as support the cause of including girls and women in the schools’ systems.
The team will be equipped with a variety of basketball, handball, volleyball and further ball games and drills. Easy, playful, effective techniques on instructing sports courses for girls will passed on to teachers in Afghanistan.
In addition to that, videos, interviews, and group discussions will promote the exchange and dialogue among the Afghani Ministry of Education, the GIZ and CampGroup. The footage will also contribute to the final evaluation of the workshops.
As for future plans, Camp Group is creating project ideas that include working together with refugees, specifically Afghani refugees, in creating digitalized extracurricular projects, that can be implemented in their countries of origin as well as in Germany. This was one of the project ideas that Camp Group applied to the Google Impact Challenge Berlin with.
It is one of our organisational goals to provide services through the medium of digital technologies and Apps that can be used by individuals who do not necessarily live in the direct regions where we work. We are very enthusiastic about these and other project ideas with which we will be able to reach out to further groups of people and individuals.