The playmobile is on the way: Now also on the Schierker-playground

Berlin-Summer, sunshine und in addition to that some wonderful games by the Neukölln-playmobil


Today, three classes met at the Peter-Peterson-primary school together with our city council for health and youth and the vice district mayor Falko Liecke, the playmobil-team and the RespAct-team on the Schierkerplatz in Neukölln.

Last october, the Peter-Peterson-primary school expressed the wish for more offers on the neighboring playgrounds. The children often felt uneasy, because of older kids taking over the playgrounds and the latters not really being of any use in that case.

Our city council took care of this concern and took it seriously. Through support of the youth welfare service of Neukölln, the Schierker-playground is now one among 4 playgrounds, which are being visited by the playmobil once a week and are being provided with wonderful and active offers. Every tuesday evening, kids in Körnerkiez get to try out creative and active games between 15 and 18 o’clock.

We had a wonderful morning. Thanks to Mr. Liecke and the playmobil-Team for the beautiful prelude event.

Strong children. Strong democracy. We let children speak up!