RespAct-Workshop: Neighboorhood improvement projects – safe and secure young people in public areas 

Would you like to convey social competence and self-confidence to children and adolescents at school or in youth centres? Do you think that it is important to think outside the box and be committed outside school? If so, our workshop “Neighboorhood commitment and safety in the public area” is right for you.

Using low barrier to entry sports exercises, video and project work, participants learn to stand up for their interests, work together and take personal responsibility in solving problems in their neighborhood. Children and young people experience a boost in their self-efficacy and understand their capabilities to become agents of change through participation in local democratic processes.

Goal: The workshop is designed to guide you through planning and implementing your own local cooperation project for children and young people, focused on their safety and security in public areas.

Children take on responsibility

The goal of the RespAct program is for children take on responsibility in their neighboorhood by imagining new ways to improve their district and by getting the opportunity to actually implement these ideas in practice. As an educator you switch the perspective and learn to see a district and its potentials and challenges through the eyes of children and adolescents. The workshop conveys different methods on how to encourage children to detect problematic situations and design solution-oriented approaches to fixing them.

Participation & media competence

The workshop puts a focus on the significance of social and societal participation for children. Modules like the “mayor game” allow children to present their own ideas on how they would positively shape their neighbourhood in front of the group.  Another game, “district maps“, gives children the opportunity to think through the process of affecting change by having them focus on where, when, and how they would go about implementing their solutions.

Our workshop explains the functionality of these and other pedagogical tools. We take care to address your questions before you need them. Our workshops underline the critical steps that need to be taken to ensure a smooth implementation of the project, as well as more information on how RespAct supports holistic-child development.  The workshop also includes media modules such as the “camera interview“, where children are encouraged to explore their creativity and imagination.

Inclusion of disadvantaged groups

The RespAct workshop “Neighboorhood improvement projects” further uses tools to actively strengthen societal participation in girls and other disadvantaged groups in the community.

You want to use RespAct?

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