Creative ways to split the group
Module type: sports Group size: up to 40 Duration: 10 min
Location: gym, school yard Material:Depends on the game

  • Paper, pen,
  • Postcards
Goals: fun way to split the group into smaller groups, bring players together who would normally not choose to play together
Adapted for age: 6-18 Keywords: Game, group, sports Content: sports

There are many ways to encourage the large group to divide into smaller groups. The creatve ways let you foster the cooperation and integration in the group.


  1. Coloured l pen: the players get pen of different colours (5,6 per colour). They run through the room for 2 min. and exchange the pen. When „Stop“ is called children have to get together in a group with other children whohave the same color of the pen.
  2. Count in other languages as alternative to a regular “one, two three”.
  3. Create core groups by any desired criteria (age, size, birthday, shoe size). Invite the core groups to create a handshake and/or symbol for their group so they can find each other later.
  4. Pantomime: the player get cards (like in memory game). There are always pairs or cards that suit to one another. The task is to find the partner using pantomime.

Cut postcards and give the pieces to all members oft he group. Player need to find other children who have the missing parts of their postcard and this way find their group.


Was it possible to make children who don’t normally play together, cooperate in the following exercise?