Schillerkiez-festival in Neukölln with fun, joy & RespAct!

Posted on the 7th of september 2015 by Timo

Directly in the heart of Neukölln were we on saturday (05.09.15) at the Schillerkiez-festival. Beside many other local organizations, RespAct had a beautiful stand with enough space for our popular boxing exercises. Many children and youth made their way to our stand, so that they could box with us. Like always, they arrived with joy and vigor. Some were so enthusiastic, that they stayed at our stand for hours or kept on returning back. We built sports and dexterity parcours at the Schillerkiez-festival, where children were able to try things out. In an open and joyful atmosphere, we had five minutes for presenting our project on stage and for demonstrating a small boxing-unit with children directly in front of the audience.