The impact and the achievement of the objectives of RespAct are regularly assessed, in order to adapt its educational methodologies to changing social conditions and constantly develop and improve the project. In the process, we work closely with other organizations, such as the German Sports University in Cologne (DSK) and Oxford University to guarantee the highest academic standards. For our latest evaluation in Summer 2015 we asked the DSK to give an expert opinion on our evaluation methods. Our sample included participating students, teachers as well as local stakeholders.

The evaluation showed that participants show

A significant increase in self-efficacy in the context of social challenges

An increase in gender-awareness, political awareness, self-confidence when working with presentations and intention to improve their neighborhood



“The results show an understandable positive impact from the project on its participants. The increased self-efficacy in concert with social challenges of the schoolchildren is particularly convincing. The satisfaction of participating teachers with the project, and the increased networking between local actors are further insights achieved, which confirm the successful implementation of the RespAct-Project.”

Expert Assessment of the RespAct Evaluation, German Sports University Cologne, July 2015





The evaluation substantiates several ways in which the project has a significant impact on participating schoolchildren, teachers and stakeholders. Participating children report the following differences pre- and post intervention.

The qualitative interviews demonstrate participating teachers’ satisfaction with the RespAct project and their reported intention of adapting the RespAct methodology for their work in the classroom. Stakeholders at the RespAct Summit valued the understanding into the life-world of participating students that they were able to derive, as well as the increased networking between local actors during the RespAct summit.