RespAct – Workshops for Educators


We are professionals in creating and conducting workshops. Our award-winning project RespAct is exactly what you need to inspire and motivate your students to take responsibility for themselves and their environment.

RespAct is designed to cater to your individual needs, is easy to run and serves all young people through different motivation types. Using our award-winning, modular system, you are only one step away from realizing your own local cooperation project with your students. Our modules include:

We offer a range of customizable workshops that can be modified to fit the needs of your class or group.  Our workshops include the following focus:
Engaging migrants and local children
• Neighboorhood improvement projects: safe and secure young people in public areas
Environmental protection & sustainable neighborhoods.

RespAct – Pedagogical approach

Our workshops are based on our tested sports and democracy pedagogical approaches in theory and practice. Integral to the success of our programs is the strong focus placed on including elements of sports and gender education to enhance social participation among young people. Our workshops will provide you with the knowledge and tools to design and implement similar projects social participation project with your class or group.

RespAct – Workshops 2017

Our know-how is versatile. RespAct workshops will equip you with the right tools and materials to increase the self-confidence and ability of your students and inspire more participative approaches to social participation. Our workshops are designed with you in mind. We offer practical insights that will enable you to successfully implement RespAct in your classroom or with your youth group—as a project week, AG or replacement lesson.

We offer Workshops in Berlin:

Tue, 17.10.17 | Tue, 14.11.17 | Tue, 05.12.17

Here our RespAct-Flyer. More information are coming soon.

For registration, if you are interested in our workshop offer or if you have any questions, please fill in our form. On request, we prepare a workshop tailored to the needs of your group.