Witches and wizards
Module type: sports Group size: up to 40 Duration: 20 min 
Location: sports hall, classroom, outdoors Material: Skipping ropes Goals: warm up, get to know each other, introduction to rope skipping, improve cooperation and speed
Adapted for age: 8-18 Keywords: cooperation, game, sports, trust Content: sports

Children learn to support one another and cooperate. They get to know each other and learn rope skipping through fun exercises.


  • Find a playground.
  • Choose five witches and five wizards (in a group of 40, the number oft he witches and wizards should vary depending on the group size)
  • The witches tag other children and the wizards release them.
  • Each wizard gets one skipping rope.
  • Other participants spread in the room.
  • The witches catch other players. Everyone who gets tagged, has to hop in place. The wizards can release tagged players by jumping together with them in one rope.
  • The wizards cannot get tagged.
  • Make sure that all players who got tagged, get released and nobody feels excluded in this game.

How did it feel to be a wizard? How did it feel to be a witch?

Did the rope skipping in pairs work well? (if not practice rope skipping in pairs)

Did you manage to release all caught children?