Steal the rope
Module type: sports Group size: up to 40 Duration: 15 min
Location: sports hall, classroom, outdoors Material: Skipping ropes Goals: warm up, improve reaction, speed.
Adapted for age: 8-18 Keywords: Reaction, game, sports, speed, warm up Content: sports

Children get a better feeling of their own body, learn to coordinate their moves. It is a great warm up activity that also helps to improve reaction and speed.


Split everyone into two equally numbered teams. The playground is divided into two same size parts. In both parts of the playground there are ca. 30 ropes on the opposite poles of the playground. Both groups start the game from the opposite sides of the sports hall/playground. When “start” is called both groups have the task to steal as many ropes as possible from the opponents’ sides. Each player can only get one rope at a time. After one minute call “stop” and count the number of ropes in each side. The team with the most ropes on their side is the winner.

Evaluation:Was it difficult to steal the rope from your other children?