Pair and group stand up
Module type: sports Group size: up to 40 Duration: 15 min
Location: gym, school yard Material: Goals: warm up, foster teamwork  and cooperation, communication, build trust
Adapted for age: 7-18 Keywords: Trust, cooperation, teamwork, game, sports Content: sports

This exercise fosters coordination and reaction


Pairs sit back-to-back, arms next to each other, but not linked and have to stand up together. When successful sit down, reflect and make a 4, 10 etc. and do the same.


After each round, when everyone sits you can ask following questions:

Was it easier/ more difficult to stand up?

What has helped you? What was the strategy you uses/came up with?

How does it feel to support others, to be supported by other players?

Was it easier to stand up together in a small or in a big group?