Long Rope Run Through
Module type: sports Group size: up to 40 Duration: 15 min
Location: sports hall, classroom, outdoors Material: one longrope Goals: warm up, learn to jump in the long rope, fosters team spirit
Adapted for age: 8-15 Keywords: rope skipping, sports, coordination Content: sports

This game is a fun way to learn jumping in the long rope. Children have to cooperate with one another and stay focused.


Two people swing the long rope.

The jumpers run from both sides in two rows.

Wait till the rope touches the ground and run through as fast as you can into the rope. Wait till the rope hits the ground and then run through. The rope is barely touching the ground. All participants stand in a row and run through the rope so that there is no break in-between.


The participants can run into the rope, jump once or more times and jump out afterwards or only run through.

They can also try to jump in a short rope in the long rope.