Long Rope race
Module type: sports Group size: up to 40 Duration: 20 min
Location: sports hall, classroom, outdoors Material: Goals: warm up, competition, improve coordination
Adapted for age: 8-18 Keywords: speed, game, coordination Content: sports

The game supports the feeling of togetherness. Children learn to cooperate and develop strategies together in order to achieve their goal.


  • Players stand in two lines one behind the other.
  • In a distance of 2 meters there is a rope lying on the floor.
  • When “start” is called, first two players run to get the rope and pull it under the feet of other children and back over their heads and put it back in the same place as before.
  • As soon as first two children slap hands with next pair, the next pair runs to get the rope and so the game continues.
How many pairs did it make to complete the rope race after one minute?What was your strategy?