c) Energy circle
Module type: sports Group size: up to 40 Duration: 10 min
Location: sports hall, classroom, outdoors Material: Goals: warm up, come in contact, get to know each other, reaction, attention, energizer, overcome the language barrier
Adapted for age: 8-18 Keywords: warm up, game, sports Content: sports

The participants learn during this game, how to communicate beyond the language barrier. Shouting loud lets them free their energy and let the aggression out.


All participants stand in a circle. Each person chooses one other participant without saying it loud.

When ‘Heads Up’ is called, everyone looks up and stares at someone else in the circle.

If that person is staring right back at you, then you scream real loud and sit down in the circle.

If the person you’re looking at is not looking at you, put your head back down and wait for the next round. Keep going until there are two players remaining.


The participants who leave the circle, can continue with jumping jacks instead of waiting till the game is over.