f) Measure your strength
Module type: sports Group size: 12-15 Duration: 10 minutes
Location: gym, school yard Material:two left boxing gloves, in case both participants are right-handers

Preparation: explanation of boxing rules

Goals: build trust and learn mutual considerateness, detect own strengths
Adapted for age: 8-18 Keywords: sports, exercise, showdown Subject Content: sports

Children and adolescents should learn to observe the rules, be considerate of their classmates, learn to estimate their own strength and thus become physically more self-confident. Furthermore, the necessity of trust should be comprehended.


  • The participants line up in a circle so that they can hold each other’s hands. The circle symbolizes a boxing ring.
  • Two participants position themselves in the middle and each receive one boxing glove for their left hand which is held in front of their belly. The other hand has to remain on the back.
  • The participants greet and face each other in boxing position and the gloved hands touch each other.

Now the participants try to push themselves out of the circle. The gloved hand has to remain in belly height. Soft shoving and pushing is allowed, nudging is forbidden.


The children practice the same exercise while jumping on one leg. The participants try to softly hit the belly of their opponent with the left hand.

With whom can you measure your strength? (similar height and weight)
Why is it important and fair that the partner has the same or similar strength?