c) Boxing
Module type: sports Group size: 12-15 Duration: 20 minutes
Location: gym, school yard Material: workout clothes Goals: build trust and comprehension of body language
Adapted for age: 8-18 Keywords: boxing, sports, fighting sport Content: sports

Boxing increases the ability to react, provides children with a feeling of security and enables them to act appropriate and peaceful in conflict situations. Children and adolescents get to know boxing from another point of view. Boxing is not only a self-defence technique that conveys power, quickness and endurance, but also provides children with the ability to keep a level head in stress situations.


  • Boxing gloves are distributed by the coach.
  • The participants face each other in groups of two and go in boxing position.
  • As a warm-up all participants exercise the boxing punch a few times and mutually call out loud “I can do it!”.

One row now should mutually punch and take a boxing step forward. The other group takes a boxing step backward and dodges. This is conducted with 10 steps each, afterwards sides are switched.