Have an upcoming birthday or another special event you like to celebrate? By donating your special day to kids and adolescents, you can make a real social impact!

Many kids in socially deprived areas in Germany would like to improve their environment—donating your birthday or special event is a great way to help these kids change their communities from within!
RespAct empowers kids aged 8-18 with media and presentation trainings and connects them to decision makers from politics, economy and administration. With your help, they will have the chance to discuss their ideas to improve their surroundings, make contact with cooperation partners from politics, economy and administration and actively change their environment. This year, make your birthday matter or special event by asking for donations instead of gifts.
Donations to RespAct will:

• …help students gain the powerful experience that they are indeed able to shape their surroundings by engaging in the democratic process

• …support children and young adults develop strong and independent personalities

• …help kids gain a more positive outlook on the future and positively change socially deprived areas in Germany

Thank you in advance for your support!

Your RespAct team / Ania Jankowska, project leader RespAct


Here is how you can celebrate your birthday with RespAct:

• Create a donation site on betterplace with three easy steps, following this link on

• Invite your friends to your party and tell them about RespAct

You can download a profile picture for your Facebook event or personal invitation here!
You can find a RespAct flyer with information regarding the project for your friends here!


Need more material or want to contact us directly? Send an email to oliver@camp-group.org for all your questions and thoughts!