Neukölln is a city district, that is marked by a high proportion of international residents added to a large number of children. Simultaneously, many inhabitants live on incomes that are below the poverty line. Approximately three-quarter of the children and young population lives in poverty.

In our work as well as in our conversations with partners, it becomes obvious, how every child brings various ressources in despite of difficult life conditions. These resources ought be encouraged and supported. RspAct wants to sustainably increase the life quality of children and eventually that of adults by building upon the particular resources, wishes, and creativity of children for their lives in Neukölln. Hence, it is a core idea of RespAct, to ask children about ways in which they would like to improve their living environment, be it within or outside of the boarders of their school.

Our project ought to show children and youth in districts similar to Neukölln that changes can easier be attained through community and in personal intiative.

Together are we strong in Neukölln, we want to change something – Join!