111 years Karl-Weise-Schule characterized by games and sport

Confidential games, a parcours and several ideas for this year’s summer camp – games, creativity and sports were the central points of the 111 years celebration of the Karl-Weise-Schule in Berlin-Neukölln. On this Friday, children had the possibility to get creative at a painting and drawing station where some colourful artworks arose. Today’s slogan: Paint your dreams! We want to show you some of them in this post.

During beautiful spring weather especially the parcours station was extraordinary favoured by the children. Besides, they could burn off energy by playing different ball games and had fun with some rope skipping as well.


Since last year, CamP Group implements the RespAct project at Karl-Weise-Schule. Within the scope of project weeks and common activities the children could not only create plans regarding improvements of the neighbourhood, but also actually implement them!

    IMG_1495   IMG_1494