Hamburg – Summer festival of the St.Pauli-school – we were there!

Posted on the 15th of july 2015 by Melanie Marahrens

We took part at the summer festival of the Ganztagsschule St.Pauli. We already had carried out project-weeks there and were guests with our two summits in the past. Together with many other activities, such as pony-riding and throwing cans, children were able to try out focus mitt-exercising with us.IMG_1544

Many students of the school, together with their siblings and friends, found their way to us. At the beginning, we had only boys, but eventually many girls were enthusiastic. Especially younger siblings, who have not beein going to school yet, surprised us with how great they mastered their trials with the boxing gloves.IMG_1597

Guests, parents and teachers were able to get informed about our project RespAct, as well as about the ideas of the project-week and the summit, that took place in the last schoolyear. Guests were impressed by the great ideas that fourth-graders had.