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RespAct Handbook Welcome Culture:

RespAct increases the self-efficacy of children and adolescents aged 8-14 years and enables them to actively shape their living environment. How shows you the RespAct methodology with modules, 3-day plan and many tips. You can use the handbook to do a RespAct project week, AG, or summer camp.

RespAct has 3 main focuses:
Engaging newly arrived migrants and local childrenNeighboorhood improvement projects: safe and secure young people in public areas and Environmental protection & sustainable neighborhoods..

The RespAct Handbook Environmental protection & sustainable neighborhoods will be published in March!

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    1. Hey Luise,
      yes we did! You can adapt RespAct and make the modules harder and deepen them.
      Please contact us for more information via email info (at) camp-group.or

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