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RespAct is a democracy education project, which uses sports to empower children and young people to be agents of change in their neighborhood. It supports the development of children and young people between the age of 8-18 years into strong, independent adults through its modular system. Our free RespAct E-Book shows you how. It is designed to cater to your individual needs, is easy to run, serves all young people through different motivation types and works without a common language. With our modular system, lots of methods, games and tips you will be able to quickly develop practical ideas for your learning group in a RespAct project week, lesson or a summer camp. Additionally we can show how to do so in a RespAct Workshop.

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We offer a range of customizable workshops that can be modified to fit the needs of your class or group.  Our workshops include the following focus:
• Engaging newly arrived migrants and local children
• Neighboorhood improvement projects: safe and secure young people in public areas
• Environmental protection & sustainable neighborhoods.

For registration, if you are interested in our workshop offer or if you have any questions, please fill in our form. On request, we prepare a workshop tailored to the needs of your group.