RespAct-Workshop: Engaging migrants and local children

Would you like to encourage fair treatment and cultural exchange between migrants and local children in your group? Do you think that language facilitation and overcoming of barriers through sports is of important relevance? Then we think that our workshop “Engaging migrants and local children” might be right for you.

Sports and cooperation modules facilitate social exchange without a common language.  Hands-on games designed to explore participants’ immediate living environment create opportunities to engage with local children in a relaxed and stress-free environment. Planning and carrying out neighborhood improvement projects helps to foster positive local identification for all participants.

Goal: During the workshop, we will lead you through different project formats to enhance group trust and a constructive learning atmosphere for participants without a common language.

Depletion of borders through sports

The workshop’s core focus is on coaching children to build mutual trust by overcoming linguistic barriers
through sports and games. This module heavily features trust and cooperation games, language-independet games like “Entire silent post“ as well as group-dynamic units like rope skipping which can not only be used in sports education, but also in replacement lessons and project weeks.

Respect and appreciation of differences

Our modules place an emphasis on mutual appreciation of different origins and backgrounds. We explain how the sports concept “fair play“ can also be integrated into other parts of civic engagement and how you can encourage your youth group to promote a cooperative and respectful environment with each other.

Methods of language facilitation

In order to use German as a common language within the group, you will learn playful strategies to motivate children to interact—even when they don’t share a common language. Further, you will learn about the pedagogical advantages of mutual cultural exchanges in schools between welcome and regular classes.

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We offer Workshops in Berlin:

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For registration, if you are interested in our workshop offer or if you have any questions, please write to: On request, we can also prepare a workshop tailored to the needs of your group.