RespAct-Workshop: Environmental protection & sustainable neighborhoods

Would you like to familiarize your students with the importance of nature and environmental protection? Do you think that environmental education should be playful and engaging for children? If so, we’d like to recommend that you try our “Environmental protection & sustainable neighborhoods“ workshop.

Workshop leaders will demonstrate activities and games in which participants reflect upon behavior around waste disposal, analyze environmental problems in the local neighbourhood and develop and implement strategies for improvement. Sports and cooperation modules, scientific experiments and neighborhood improvement projects turns children and young people into competent experts on their neighbourhoods.

Goal: This workshop provides you with all the information necessary to plan and implement your own environmental youth project with a focus on neighborhood collective action. 

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Environmental protection with children in theory and practice

This workshop combines theory and practice to playfully engage children with refugee and migrant backgrounds in discussions on environmental protection. The workshop’s is built on numerous neighborhood beautification projects. We are excited to include this module after testing our knowledge at the RespAct 2016 Summer Camp! Register here for 2017.

Exciting group experiments

The workshop offers a broad selection of creative experiments and project ideas that include lessons on
waste separation, waste avoidance and clean-up initiatives. Through these activities children learn to work with each other and build positive group dynamics grounded in trust and respect for one another. Our tools provide you the opportunity to show children their neighborhood from another angle by teaching them to estimate ecological challenges like the district’s waste situation.

Participation and inclusion

In our workshops we emphasize the importance of inclusive education models that encourage social participation for children and adolescents with refugee and migration backgrounds.

You want to use RespAct?

We offer Workshops in Berlin. Here our RespAct-Flyer. More information are coming soon.

For registration, if you are interested in our workshop offer or if you have any questions, please write to: On request, we can also prepare a workshop tailored to the needs of your group.


This project was funded by the Federal Environmental Agency (Umweltbundesamt). The funds are provided by decision of the German Bundestag.