Projekt day at the Mittelpunktbibliothek Adalbertstraße

Yesterday, we had a very nice project day. Together with the children we filled the playground at Naunynstraße with life.

Incooperation with the pupils parliament of the Jens-Nydahl School and the Mittelpunktbibliothek in the Adalberstraße we conduct RespAct project days in the frame of our program „Gemeinsam.Sauber.Aktiv“ (


The children develop interventions to improve the playground at the Naunynstraße. The results are presented to the parents and decision-makers of the “Quartiersmanagement”.


Playground event at Dresdener Straße

Our playground event at Dresdener Straße has been wonderful. Thanks to everyone who joined us on Wednesday.

For us it is important, that playgrounds are filled with fun and energy and the main purpose of this public space is the enjoyment of kids and youth. In this sense, the playground event offered a lot of activities, e.g. boxing and an obstacle course.

We would like to thank the Quartiersmanagements Zentrum Kreuzberg/Oranienstraße for the cooperation and support.

In the frame of our program „Gemeinsam.Sauber.Aktiv“ ( we organize different activities which aim to make playgrounds in Kreuzberg a liveable place of public life. We are looking forward to seeing you on our next event!